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Mar 8, 2018

Political economy of the environment

Part Two: Environmental protection – in theory and practice

5) What is efficiency?

There’s more – and less – to neoclassical efficiency than meets the eye.


6) Discounting the future

Are the lives of our grandchildren worth less than our own?


7) The value of a statistical life

How do economists put a monetary value on risks of death?


8) Externalities

External costs and benefits are not the exception – they’re the rule.


9) The Coase theorem

Why private bargaining can seldom solve environmental externalities.


10) The tragedy of the commons

More accurately, the tragedies of open access.


11) Environmental justice

Defending the right to a clean and safe environment.


12) Power & the environment

Costs and benefits weighted by the power of those to whom they accrue.


13) Regulation & environmental protection.

Rules as a solution to environmental problems.


14) Incentive-based environmental policies

Prices as another way to solve environmental problems.


15) Market failure & government failure

Democracy versus oligarchy: beyond the market-versus-government debate.

Mar 8, 2018

Political economy of the environment

Part Three: Global dimensions

16) Globalization & the environment

The globalization of market failure poses new challenges for governance.


17) The environmental Kuznets curve

What happens to the environment as per capita income goes up?


18) Population & the environment

What Malthus got wrong.


19) Tropical deforestation

How transnational alliances can change balances of power.


20) Building natural assets

How poverty reduction and environmental protection can go hand-in-hand.


21) Agriculture & the environment

The costs of industrial agriculture and benefits of ecological agriculture.


22) Cultivated biodiversity

Small farmers sustain some of the world’s most valuable biodiversity.


Mar 8, 2018

Political economy of the environment

Part Four: Climate policy

23) Climate change

The defining environmental challenge of the 21st century.


24) Carbon pricing: 1. Why & how?

Why we need to put price on fossil carbon, and how we can do it.


25) Carbon pricing: 2. The social cost of carbon

What should be the price on carbon dioxide emissions?


26) Carbon pricing: 3. Revenue allocation

The trillion dollar question: who will get the money?


27) International climate negotiations

No-regrets policies can help overcome myopia and the free rider problem.


Mar 8, 2018

Political economy of the environment

Part One: Introduction

1) The economy & the environment

Are people different from pondweed?


2) Limits to growth – of what?

It’s time for a new formula: grow the good, and shrink the bad.


3) Political economy

Who wins, who loses, who decides?


4) Safety, efficiency, sustainability, and justice

What should be the goals in environmental policy?