Oct 8, 2012

Talking sense on the nation’s balance sheet

Mattea Kramer of the National Priorities Project writes:

Ironically, those in Washington arguing for urgent deficit reduction claim that we’ve got to do it “for the kids,” that we must stop saddling our grandchildren with mountains of federal debt. But if your child turns 18 and finds her government running a balanced budget in an America that’s hollowed out, an America where she has no chance of paying for a college education, will she celebrate?

Read her guide to what’s missing from the presidential debates here.

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  • Mattea, I just read your five points and it was like a political oasis. Please provide more details as time permits. I’ve always wanted to include environmental cleanup as one of the military’s mandates. Because it’s going to take some serious muscle. And if we’re forking over a lot of money (which is inevitable for many years to come) then we should get something valuable in return like jumpstarting a true cleanup industry, much like the cold war jumpstarted electronics and the space program.