Nov 14, 2011

We are the Many

A ballad for the Occupy movement and for our times.

by  – Nov 10, 2011


  • I loved that he ‘dared’ to sing this in the President’s company. I wonder if any part of Obama’s mind heard it – or was it just background music to him? Did his wife hear it?

    Will the world hear it? Yes! In every language and every faith, and every race, and hopefully someday, in every class. This is “Everyman’s Song”

  • Yes! Indeed this is EVERYMAN`S SONG! Eloge for the singer, singers and economsits!

    • Occupy Harvard would only make sense if they left and went to the seterts, where the real world is, and rallied there, with the actual 99%. Instead they occupy themselves, constituting the 1% of people in the world with greatest opportunities if they work hard. No I am not talking about how much money their parents have. Thats not relevant.