Dec 3, 2011

Economics 4 People, the Planet, and the Future

From James Boyce’s post on the TripleCrisis blog:

Our current economic crisis is not only a crisis of the economy. It is also a crisis of economics. The free-market fundamentalism of the closing decades of the 20th century today has been thoroughly discredited – or at least, should have been – by financial collapse, swelling inequality, global imbalances, mass unemployment, and environmental degradation.

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  • Free Market economics has been discredited at least twice in the past 100 years. Not only do we need to teach a new value economics, we need to have the tools to further discredit Free Market proponents and such think tanks as CATO and take the message directly to the Millennial Generation. Occupy Wall Street is the beginning of changing the narrative.

  • What is required is a revolution in economic thinking. My evolving project maybe of interest BUT goes beyond the backward, and limited understanding of present day economics…

    I hope in the interest of free speech that this post appears.

    • that the heart is not a pump.In my rsacereh into economics and the social question, I have gained tremendous insight and inspiration from reading Steiner?s works on what he calls the Threefold Social Organism. His separation of society into economic, political, and cultural realms ? realms which need to be separated in certain respects and each given their own appropriate type of administration ? is not a utopia, but is an idea based on an understanding of the human being. His insights in this regard shed light on, for instance, why the ideals of fraternity, equality, and freedom are not contradictory but that each needs to be viewed from its own perspective of human activity.I?ll leave it at that. If you haven?t already discovered them, I think you would find kindred spirits in Graeber and Steiner who could expand what is already a major contribution to the current dialogue on economic and social reform.Sincerely, John MuggePhoenixville, PA

  • We see the results of the present economic system: wide spread poverty, boom and bust economic pyramid, governments controlled for the benefit of a few, etc.

    How do we get back an honest government?
    Two things need to be done to make an honest government that is not bribable by a power elite.
    First, we need to write campaign and election laws that control campaign contributions.

    Second, and more important, we must eliminate secret off shore banking havens like Switzerland, Bahamas, Litchensutein, and the Cayman Islands. The places that make large scale bribery possible. The banks that take in,hide, store, and launder money from bribes.

    Quote of the day:
    “If you can not trust your elected officials, you do not have a government”