Nov 29, 2011

Nancy Folbre: Occupy Economics

From Nancy Folbre’s NYT Economix post, Occupy Economics:

The Occupy Wall Street movement, displaced from some key geographic locations, now enjoys a small but significant encampment among economists.

Concerns about the impact of growing economic inequality fit neatly into a larger critique of mainstream economic theory and its deep faith in the efficiency of markets.

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  • I think the mgesase may be getting confused here. I haven’t really spoken to many of the Occupy harvard people but I don’t think the goal is for the university to accept 99% of applicants. Furthermore, I don’t think they are attacking us as students. There desires for reform are targeted to the institutional level. I think this serves a useful purpose in creating dialogue about Harvards action negatively and positively impact society. Lastly, the movement isn’t about getting rid of material goods such as laptops etc. Again the movement is asking for insitituional reform to decrease the infleunce of corporation on govermnent. This demand isn’t mutually exclusive with having starbucks.