Dec 11, 2011

The High Price of Materialism

A new video from the Center for a New American Dream.



  • Although, we all tend to be fairly secular when talking about OWS related topics I’m going to get away from that in this comment. What I find fascinating about the message, is how it sounds, fundamentally, like the best of the morals taught in so many religions – concern for your fellow citizens, connecting with your community, doing that which you feel serves the greater good. How fascinating it is that there are so many attempts to make OWS seem so fundamentally devoid of these values. If anything this video shows that it is anything but! Very good and I am grateful to see the ideas that simple “goodness” is so much a part of what we want to have happen in the world! It makes me even prouder to be a member of OWS.

    • OWS relfects what you are seeing and what the vast majority know ? we need a new way. A new political system, a new way for corporations to help build a better society and a new media that is driven by journalistic principles, not ratings and advertising revenue. Hopefully (not necessarily optimistically) the thinking and anger reflected by OWS can be organized into a tsunami of change, not merely a ripple effect. Real change won’t happen with out it. In politics, we need a valid third party movement that can be the catalyst. Check out America Elect, it has merit and a organizing methodology.