Remix Resources

Greetings to all of our contestants,


We want to ensure that you have the tools required to make informative, creative, and well produced videos. To that end this page will provide you with some tips on video production, some sources of copyright free material for use in your video, and details regarding the video submission process.


Video Production Tips


  • The visual elements of your video must include at least some of one of the video clips we provide, but may include parts from more than just one clip. They may also include still photos, drawings, and graphs.
  • The audio elements may include your own narration, sound clips or music from public domain sources, and sound clips or music that you create.
  • Make sure that any audio you record is free from unnecessary ambient noise such as from fans, refrigerators, traffic, etc.
  • If you don’t have a dedicated audio recorder, most smartphones work great for this.


Here are some locations from which you can source public domain audio:





  • If you attend university, you may have access to special video production and recording labs or equipment through your library/IT department.
  • There are a number of free video editing software programs available for free online including Windows Movie Maker for PC and Lightworks for all operating systems. If you’re on a Mac, iMovie works great.