The Network

Econ4 Network for Innovative Economics Teaching


We invite economics teachers in high schools, community colleges, 4-year colleges and universities to join the Econ4 Network for Innovative Economics Teaching.


Members will be able to:

  • access Econ4 videos and accompanying teaching materials, including class discussion questions, exercises, powerpoints and suggested readings;
  • help develop concepts for new videos in the series;
  • win prizes for innovative contributions to the teaching of innovative economics;
  • share best-practice tools and techniques for innovative teaching of innovative economics; and
  • participate in Econ4 workshops on innovative economics teaching.


Membership in the Network is free and open to all teachers of economics. To join, please contact by following the link below and tell us where you teach. We welcome your suggestions for future videos and other Econ4 initiatives.


To join the Network, please send us an email by clicking here  (