Feb 5, 2022

Dissecting the BoJo phenomenon


How can someone with demonstrably questionable morals and a more than casual relationship with the truth reach such a powerful position? One word springs to mind: entitlement. Boris comes from a long succession of posh, upper-class, bumbling idiots who were destined for greatness only because no one has ever or will ever tell them they’re not. Boris went to Eton, a sort of Hogwarts for wankers, where you get taught Latin and tax avoidance whilst wearing full evening dress. These people have never spoken to a real person in their life, apart from perhaps their chauffeur. Then on to Oxford, where Boris Johnson was part of the infamous Bullingdon Club, a fun elite social club for the boys. Activities included smashing up restaurants and burning 50-pound notes in front of homeless people, allegedly. “But you know, it was great fun at the time.” And the British government is full of them, entitled arseholes — sorry, sorry — entitled assholes with a Bentley and a nanny making decisions for us all about things that they will never understand. Aristocrats running the fifth-largest economy in the world whilst allowing 30 percent of British children to live in relative poverty. Where the rich get richer and the poor literally get hungrier. Millionaires who spend their time in government giving tax breaks and P.P.E. contracts to their rich mates. Cannibals, self-serving parasites, tapeworms in tiaras, swimming through the intestines of the state, sucking all the goodness out of it for their own repugnant gratification.

Check out the full video rant here.