Econ4 Video Remix Contest

Share your vision for an economy that works for people, for the planet, and for the future! Econ4 is launching our first Video Remix Contest. Using the clips we provide, we want you to remix, re-edit, and re-imagine economics in video form.


The theme for the first round of the remix competition is Greed. What’s wrong with greed? Anything? What does it have to do with how the economy works – and how it should work? That’s where you come in!

Here’s what we want:

  1. Fun. Economics is stuffy enough as is, so make sure your video isn’t!

  2. Short. 3 minutes max.

  3. On Point. Videos should address the theme (“Greed”) but they should also contribute to a broader understanding of economics. Have a look at our mission statement and you’ll see what we mean.

Three $500 prizes will be awarded for the videos that our judges find…

  • -Funniest

  • -Most Creative

  • -Most Inspiring

There will be an additional $500 prize for the best video of all!

Here’s how to enter…

1. Download

Download the provided clips by clicking here (1.2GB .zip file). You can also view the clips here.

2. Remix

Remix the clips, along with your own music, voice-over, text, or graphics, into a new video that shows us how you think about economics for people, the planet, and the future. And be sure to check out our handy resources page for tips on editing, music and more!

3. Submit

If you don’t have one already, create your own free Vimeo account and upload your video. Then just fill out an online submission form and you’re done! You can read the full contest rules and all the fine print here. The deadline for entries is February 1, 2016.